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About Us

Here at Audrey Digital, we help visionaries package their expertise into knowledge products that sell like hotcakes.

Strategizing? Marketing? Launching? They’re our jam, and we’ve helped small business owners and industry leaders alike go from big ideas to actual income. It's time for you do the same.

So if you've got that life-changing course swimming around in your head, it's time to let it out. And if you need some extra support bringing it to life, we're ready to make it happen with you.

We can't wait to see your application come through.

Who's on your team?

Team sizes vary by project, but each team is under Audrey's direction and features experienced pro's.

Audrey Saccone, CEO and Strategist

An experienced marketer and launch strategist with multiple 7- and 8-figure launches under her belt, Audrey's here to ensure your launch is not only perfect for you, but goes off without a hitch.

Following 5.5 years in the non-profit sector, Audrey moved into the online marketing space, where she's worked for major players like Marie Forleo and Sophia Amoruso. She takes the tried-and-true methods she's learned from working with the best, coupled with a healthy dose of resourcefulness, to help  established entrepreneurs find success with tools and strategies that work and are the most authentic to them.

Project Manager

Your project manager will help to manage deadlines and keep things on track.


Your copywriter will craft copy that converts and sounds like you. Even your mom will be fooled!

Implementation Specialist

Your implementation specialist is a wizard at building your funnels and web pages.

Looking for a little more (or a little less)? Just let us know in your application and we'll reach out to our extended network to build your perfect team.

What we do

Below is just a smattering of what we've collaborated on for our clients. We're a full-service team who creates everything for you from strategy through execution.


Customer Research
Live Launching
Evergreen Funnels


Sales Emails
New Customer Emails
Cart Abandon Emails
Sales Pages


Social Media Graphics
Platform Graphics


Sales Pages
Checkout Pages
Marketing Automation

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